23rd Scientific and Statistical Database Management Conference
SSDBM 2011 – 20-22 July 2011

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SSDBM Suggestions for Session Chairs

Greetings, SSDBM 2011 Session Chairs! We are very much looking forward to your coming to Portland and to an exciting conference! This page gives you some details about what to expect at the conference, in order to prepare to chair your session:

Please read the guidelines for paper presenters, so you understand what Presenters expect of you! Review papers in your session, so you have an idea what is being presented (you might think of a question for each speaker, just in case).

Be at the session 15-20 minutes prior to its start, to assure that equipment is functioning properly (computer, projection monitor, laser pointer), and that presentations are loaded prior to the session and have been activated (i.e., are ready to present). Confirm that each presenter is first author (or, if not, that you know who is presenting)! You might ask speakers if they want time warnings: 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute, and give them these. We will provide something for you to hold up: 5,3,1.

When it is time to start the session:

Please let us know if you have any questions prior to getting to Portland!
Judy Cushing and Jim French, SSDBM 2011 Program Co-chairs

Last updated 16 July 2011. Contact: ptucker(at)whitworth.edu