23rd Scientific and Statistical Database Management Conference
SSDBM 2011 – 20-22 July 2011

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SSDBM Information for Speakers

Greetings, SSDBM 2011 Speakers! We are very much looking forward to your coming to Portland and to an exciting conference! This page gives you some details about what to expect at the conference, in order to prepare your talk:

  1. Please review the program, and understand what session your talk is assigned to. Come to the podium during the break (10-15 minutes before the session starts, or (better) at the close of the preceding session, to load your presentation onto the laptop we will use for the talks. The laptop will be a PC, running Windows. Please have your presentation in either PowerPoint (a recent version) or PDF. There will also be a lavalier microphone for you to use.
  2. The session chair will introduce you, so be sure your current affiliation is correctly stated on the program, or speak with the session chair prior to your talk, giving him or her your name and affiliation. IF THE FIRST AUTHOR OF THE PAPER IS NOT PRESENTING THE PAPER, be sure to tell the session chair who will be presenting!
  3. We must adhere strictly to time limits. Long papers have 20 minutes and short papers 10 minutes (including question and answer/ discussion time). We hope you will time your presentation to leave some time for questions. The session chair will manage the Question and Answer time unless you want to do that yourself.
  4. The session chair will give you “warnings” (a paper with the number of minutes remaining) at 10 (for long papers), 5, 3, 1. At 0+.5 minutes, he or she will stand up and nudge you from the podium!
  5. There will be a laser pointer at the podium.

Please let us know if you have any questions prior to getting to Portland!
Judy Cushing and Jim French, SSDBM 2011 Program Co-chairs

Last updated 16 July 2011. Contact: ptucker(at)whitworth.edu